Here are the top foods to choose for your next BBQ

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It’s a typical summer scene, the sun comes out and dad fires up the barbecue ready to play Head Chef.

A gathering with family and friends is a lovely social activity to boost the mood and a BBQ can also be nutritionally beneficial for men.  Here, Simon Bandy, General Manager of Health Plus, give his oversight on the top foods to choose at the next get-together:



Time to ketchup – Burgers and sausages are possibly the most popular choice for the chargrilling season, and obviously topped with lashings of tomato ketchup. Don’t let dad hold back on an extra-large dollop, as tomatoes contain lycopene which is an antioxidant, and it’s thought that a diet rich in it is helpful for lowering the risk of prostate cancer in men.

Go nuts! You might spot some nibbles to snack on while the food is being cooked.  Opt for a handful of pistachios as they are protein rich and contain arginine – an amino acid – which helps increase blood flow around body.

Zinc 15mg

Bung another prawn on the barbie – Shellfish contain zinc which is possibly one of the more commondeficiencies. You can find out if you are deficient by buying a liquid test. It’s a clear fluid that you hold and swill around your mouth for 15 seconds. People who consume a diet high in oysters and shellfish will experience a metal taste in their mouths. Those with a deficiency will taste nothing as the liquid reacts with zinc levels. Zinc is vital for sperm production so if you don’t think you are getting enough try taking Health Plus Zinc 15mg (90 vtabs/£5.25) to top up.


Steak out – Lean red meat is a good source of protein and iron for fathers. Men shouldn’t have as much iron in their diet as women so be aware of portion sizes. Choosing a steak over carbohydrates is great for men who are watching their weight and trying to avoid a ‘dad bod’, as the body uses more calories burning protein and it helps repair broken down muscles.


Lettuce know! – Green leafy salad leaves like spinach are a good source of antioxidants such as lutein which have been associated with good eye health. These little leaves are also a source of iron so they really pack a punch.
Rice, rice baby – Grab a side of rice salad, particularly if it’s made from brown rice. Unlike white rice, which has been husked, the brown variety contains more B vitamins which help the nervous system play a role in helping to break down food to be used as fuel.


Simon commented: “When it comes to nutrition it’s definitely not one size fits all. We always encourage people to try to eat a rainbow of different coloured vegetables too but we understand it isn’t always practical. The good news is that abarbecue could actually be a good meal to get some vitamins and minerals that are great for dads!”

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