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We are a nation driven by goals; seventy-one per cent of UK adults set a goal at least once a year, and quarter (25%) set a new target at least once a month, according to new research from protein-based smarter snack brand Fridge Raiders.

Despite our ambitions, 96% of UK adults tend not to achieve their goals. The research reveals three main reasons why ambitions fail: over a third (37%) of goal-setters make excuses, 30% are just too lazy and almost a third (29%) claim to be too busy to reach their targets.

But there is hope – 65% of people claim that they’re more successful if the goal involves another person. Having a partner helps to motivate (40%), holds people accountable (20%) and also provides some friendly competition (13%).

But whilst half (51%) of UK adults claim to be adventurous, 60% want to be more so; citing fear as the biggest barrier (27%). But, with a companion by your side there’s a greater chance of overcoming obstacles to success, so our top bucket list items – seeing the Northern Lights (45%), visiting the Seven Wonders of the World (26%), flying in a hot air balloon (17%) and skydiving (12%) – don’t seem so unachievable.

Psychologist Corinne Sweet suggests which this is the case, “Most of us find it far easier to stick to plans and achieve goals with a friend by our side, encouraging us – a fifth find it the biggest motivation.  Alone we can get distracted, discouraged and old habits can simply take over. Goals and ambitions are usually far more achievable with positive reinforcement from someone else.


“What’s more, you have somebody special to bear witness to your step-by-step success. It creates a bond that brings you closer as friends or partners.  Many people go further than they ever expected due to egging each other on.  So, partnering up can be a real boost to your self-esteem and your personal success.”

The research marks the launch of Fridge Raiders new competition: Power Pals. The competition offers two lucky winners the opportunity to fulfil an awesome bucket list item with television favourites, Vicky Pattison and Jack Quickenden: winners can skydive with Vicky, or go white-water rafting with Jake. All they need to do is enter the competition via Instagram.

Vicky Pattison says, “Setting a goal with a friend always makes me much more likely to succeed – you don’t want to let them down and you’re there to egg each other on. I’ve got the opportunity to tick off number one of my bucket list – a skydive – along with a new pal!”

Power Pals is launching to celebrate Fridge Raiders’ new Combos snacks which have just entered stores. Combos partner two delicious sources of protein – cheese and nuts – to power you on and help you take on more; be it the 3pm slump, a new gym class or an epic bucket list moment.

“I can’t wait to go white-water rafting with one of the competition winners, it’s going to be epic. I’ll be there to motivate them if they’re feeling a bit scared – and I hope they do the same for me!” adds Jake Quickenden

This time, there’s no excuses; and there’s a famous friend to keep motivation levels high – as well as protein-packed Fridge Raiders Combos to keep goal-getters powered.

Visit the Fridge Raiders Instagram page – @fridgeraidersuk – to find out more and enter the competition.

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