House of Vans London to host pre-release digital screening of SISTERS WITH TRANSISTORS

SISTERS WITH TRANSISTORS is the untold story of electronic music’s female pioneers; re-markable composers who embraced machines and their liberating technologies to completely transform how we produce and listen to music today.

The movie features some of the greatest pioneers of modern sound including Clara Rockmore, Daphne Oram, Bebe Barron, Delia Derbyshire, Maryanne Amacher, Pauline Oliveros, Wendy Carlos, Eliane Radigue, Suzanne Ciani, and Laurie Spiegel whose influence surrounds us on a daily basis, yet most people have never heard of them.

House of Vans London is delighted to be hosting an exclusive, pre-release digital screening of SISTERS WITH TRANSISTORS + audio Q&A with filmmakers in association with Commune Cinema for 48 hours from 19:00 GMT on Thursday, 25th February. The audio Q&A is a special conversation between director Lisa Rovner and sound designer Marta Salogni, hosted by revered radio host, audio producer and DJ Zakia Sewell

Make sure to RSVP for access (UK residents only), but hurry as there are only 200 tickets available. If you sign up but can’t make it, please let House of Vans London know so they can reallocate your tickets.

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