Introducing TRION, The World’s Most Advanced Personal Training App

TRION enters the health and wellness app-mosphere on
a mission to inspire sustainable fitness habits and unlock user’s potential.

The Swedish start-up have spent four-years in research and development to create the new
home of smart training. Unlike any other fitness app, the team have implemented a
technology-first approach to produce the most powerful, dynamic and intelligent platform on
the market. The results are game- changing. Boasting more than one billion workout
combinations from a growing library of over 750 exercises, TRION unites the power of AI
with seamless UX and the knowledge of top personal trainers to deliver the most
comprehensive workout generator on the app-store.

Designed to make exercising easier; users simply enter their vitals, select their goal and
complete a series of pre-assigned tests to determine strength and mobility levels. The AI
then generates a personalized 4-week programme, designed to develop in-line with
progress, maximise enjoyment and improve results. Throughout the process TRION creates
an active feedback loop to optimise workouts down to the smallest component – including
exercises, stretching, composition of sets, rest periods, number of reps and even your
training environment.

Each user is assigned their own unique blueprint for success which is planned to work
around their everyday life. If you can’t make the gym or prefer training at home, the AI will
create a workout adapted to your environment. Each session, TRION users can select from
the gym, resistance band or bodyweight exercises. If equipment is in use or an exercise is not
possible, Trion will provide an equal alternative. All of which feature a clear animation and
description to ensure perfect execution. After completing a workout, TRION users will gain
XP, level up and earn in-app rewards for their efforts. You can even invite and follow friends
to view their progress or provide an element of competition for added motivation. Users
can also access over 150 additional pre-designed workouts, including: quick pumps, HIIT
sessions, office stretches, sports training and much more. With TRION, hard work pays off
and exercise is fun. Plans are full body focused, and each session is personalised and made
for your convenience.

Tom Liljefors, CEO and Co-Founder said: “Our purpose is to make it easy for anyone to enjoy
exercise as part of their unique daily routine. In TRION, we have created an app which
enables users to take their fitness into their own hands. Exercise improves our wellbeing, it
boosts our immune system and promotes our longevity. We’re here to do the hard work,
make healthy habits more fun, and more rewarding than ever. Training personalised and
overall health simplified.”