Jeremy Renner beats Robert Downey Jr to top list of highest paid Marvel actors

New research shows that Jeremy Renner is paid £12,160.37 per second on screen for his Marvel films, more than any other actor in the franchise.

The study by casino comparison experts Casino Bee analysed the screen time for each Avengers actor according to IMDb and compared it with the total salary of each cast member, to establish the highest paid Marvel actor per second.

The data revealed that Jeremy Renner, who played Hawkeye, had the highest average pay per second out of all the original Avengers cast, with a pay of £12,160.37 per second. This comes as a result of having 3,018 seconds (50 minutes) on screen over the course of five films and receiving a total salary of £36.7 million.

The second highest paid per second Marvel actor is Robert Downey Jr., who has played Iron Man in TEN Marvel movies. He received the highest salary of any Marvel actor with a total of £245 million and an overall 21,447 seconds of screen time (nearly six hours), which is also the highest amount of screen time of anyone in the group, resulting in £11,843.14 per second of screen time.

With a starter pay of only £368,000 for his first feature as the main character in ‘Iron Man’ to his most recent appearance in “The Avengers: Endgame” where he was given a salary of £55 million, Downey Jr. has earnt a massive amount of £254 million with his work thus far with Marvel.

Scarlett Johansson came third with a salary rate of £7,545.45 per second over her 6,600 seconds of screen time. Featuring in an overall nine films she received £49.8 million for her role as Black Widow.

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