Why is the Law of Attraction beneficial to entrepreneurs?

The Law of Attraction involves the ability of an individual to be able to attract whatever they are focussing on, into their life. The law uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in a person’s thoughts into reality. All thoughts will turn into things eventually, so when a person focusses on negative thoughts, negative things will happen. By concentrating on positive thoughts, along with set goals, a person will find a way to achieve their dreams.

Creative visualisation is one cornerstone of the law of attraction, and this is most beneficial to entrepreneurs, claims Bravington Capital. Using the mind to visualise goals will activate the creative subconscious which will go a long way to generating ideas to achieve goals. Visualisation will program the brain to freely perceive and recognise situations that will help a person reach their dreams. Creative visualisation activates the law of attraction, pulling into one’s life the positive people, resources and circumstances needed to accomplish goals. Also, it builds an individual’s inner motivation to take the required steps for success.

Based in Southampton, Bravington Capital is a sales and marketing firm that connects Fortune 500 companies to their future consumers. The company use a direct sales and event marketing approach, to promote their client’s products and services to potential customers. By using face-to-face marketing, the firm can receive instant feedback from the customer, which they can then put into developing new marketing and business plans to keep them one step ahead of new market changes.

Alex Mousley, Managing Director of Bravington Capital, is passionate about helping the education of future entrepreneurs. He affirms the use of the Law of Attraction and visualisation techniques as essential tools for entrepreneurs looking to achieve their business and life goals. As part of his mentoring, he teaches young entrepreneurs on how to focus on positive thoughts and aspects of life along with the ability to visualise the end goal. The MD states that the capacity to do this has a tremendous effect on the likelihood of reaching one’s goal.

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