LegalShield UK launches exclusive new PrivacyDefence app

LegalShield UK today announces the launch of a new privacy and security app, PrivacyDefence. The app alerts consumers if their personal data is being hacked, with the use of live notifications.

The first of its kind subscription-based service has been created to protect users from cyber security hackers and fraudsters who are working around the clock to steal personal data and will help consumers to become more savvy when browsing on the web. In light of the increasing concern around cyber crime, that costs the UK £3 billion and causes untold damage according to the National Crime Agency, the launch of PrivacyDefence comes at a pivotal time for consumers with growing concerns around their online presence.

The service will be available to PrivacyDefence members for only £9 per month and this will provide users with a monitoring service that helps protect their personal data by tracking personal and financial information and alerts the consumer before it is compromised, for example if it is traded on the dark web.

PrivacyDefence has the ability to help consumers track any personal data recorded online – from email addresses, telephone numbers, credit card numbers through to medical ID numbers and much more – ensuring all round coverage. If any personal information has been compromised or stolen, users will be alerted straightaway and advised by dedicated experts on how to address this matter and have their identity restored.

It tracks the users online footprint across the digital landscape from social media platforms through to the dark web.

With PrivacyDefence’s service guarantee, dedicated advisors can support and guide individuals through the entire process of having their identity restored if they were to become a victim of identity fraud.

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