London is revealed as the UK’s most haunted city

As summer ends and autumn begins, the holiday season kicks off with the macabre celebration of Halloween.

While some Brits enjoy dressing up and going trick or treating, some prefer to get in touch with the paranormal by visiting the most haunted places in the UK – but where are the best cities in the UK for those looking for some real-life scares to celebrate Halloween?

Although Cornwall has many spooky places to visit this Halloween, holiday specialists Stay In Cornwall have decided to scour the country to find the most Spooktacular places in the UK for Brits looking for a frightful October 31st.

The holiday letting specialists analysed data on candy retail sale figures, the use of the hashtag #halloween on social media, the number of abandoned buildings in that city and the number of haunted places found in each city, to calculate an overall ranking score.

So, which UK city is the most haunted in the UK?

London is the UK’s biggest scarefest
The research revealed London to be the most haunted city in the UK. The UK’s capital scored highly across the four ranking factors, especially for the number of Halloween posts uploaded to social media with over 1,000 #halloween related posts per million.

London also promises plenty of haunts to spook Brits with 50 abandoned places and buildings, and five haunted spots, including The Tower of London, The Clink Prison, and The London Tombs.

London was followed by Brighton and Cardiff as the spookiest cities in the UK. Brighton ranked highly for abandoned building and places (43) and spend the most in the country on sweets (£18.60), while Cardiff is home to 44 abandoned buildings and 8 haunted spots.

Brighton is home to the biggest trick or treat lovers
Stay In Cornwall’s analysis of Statista data revealed Brighton and Southampton to be the best cities in the UK for trick and treating, with generous residents spending an average of £18.60 on Halloween sweets each year.
Cardiff, Bristol, and Bournemouth follow as the best cities for trick or treaters with locals in each city spending £17.10 each year on Halloween candy.
Those planning on going out trick or treating in Norwich and Ipswich may find themselves in store for more tricks than treats, as residents in both cities spend an average £2.85 on Halloween sweets each year.

Nottingham has the most haunted landmarks in Britain
While Brighton and Southampton have been revealed as the best cities in the UK for Halloween-loving Brits with a sweet tooth – where is the best place for Halloween lovers who are after a little more hocus pocus?

Stay In Cornwall’s research revealed Nottingham to be home to the most haunted landmarks – with NINE official haunted spots including National Justice Museum, Wollaton Hall, and Clifton Hall.
Leeds, Cardiff, Brighton, and York are all tied for second place, with each of the four having areas believed to be rife with paranormal activity at haunted landmarks including Temple Newsam House, Cardiff Castle, and Brighton Town Hall.

Shannon Keary, Digital PR Manager at Stay In Cornwall, commented: “As we enter October, the autumn season has officially begun with orange leaves, early dark evenings and, of course, Halloween. With Cornwall being home to so many spooky places, such as Bodmin Jail and the Jamaica Inn, we were curious to see how the rest of the country shaped up in comparison.

“We thought it was really interesting that London came out on top as the most haunted city in the UK – beating classic haunted cities such as York and Leeds. We were also shocked to discover how little Norwich and Ipswich spend on Halloween!

“Whether you are celebrating Halloween by taking the kids trick and treating or trying to find paranormal spirits in a haunted landmark, the most important thing is to have fun!” For more information please visit: