New Christmas Spirit score reveals the UK’s most festive cities

Liverpool, Glasgow, and Belfast are the UK’s most festive locations, a new study has found.

Digital marketing agency AGY47 has analysed popular Christmas searches over the past 16 years to reveal the UK cities with the most Christmas spirit. A ‘Christmas spirit’ score was calculated by combining search interest around common festive queries including Christmas trees, gifts, wrapping paper and more.

Liverpool is the most festive city in the UK. Despite the city facing tier 3 measures since October 2020 and then national restrictions, the findings suggest that residents are getting through lockdown with a healthy dose of festive cheer.

Belfast follows in second place, with search interest highest  for ‘Christmas songs’ and ‘Christmas movies’.Following closely in third place is Glasgow, a city of avid gift wrappers.

The data also reveals how we like to get into the swing of Christmas as a nation. In Plymouth, festive preparation starts at home, with searches for ‘Christmas trees’, ‘Christmas lights’ and ‘Christmas decorations’ securing the top 3 spots.

It may come as some surprise that London ranks second bottom when it comes to festive cheer, despite being home to many glittering festive displays and events in previous years.

In Hull, search interest is highest around ‘Christmas songs’ and ‘Christmas gifts’, as residents create the perfect setup for online shopping ahead of the big day.

Bethanie Dennis, Head of Content and Digital PR at AGY47 commented: “Christmas spirit has taken on a whole new importance in 2020, with many Brits seeing it as a saving grace from a year dominated by gloom.

While the UK is set for a slightly less conventional Christmas this year, it’s great to see that festive spirit remains high, as reflected in the search behavior we’re already seeing online. While it’s unclear what Covid restrictions will be in force come December 25th, Brits will undoubtedly make the best of their situation to make Christmas 2020 as magical as it can be.”

The top 20 UK cities with the most Christmas spirit 


  1. Liverpool
  2. Glasgow
  3. Belfast
  4. Plymouth
  5. Bristol
  6. Leeds
  7. Edinburgh
  8. Cardiff
  9. Norwich
  10. Newcastle Upon Tyne
  11. Birmingham
  12. Sheffield
  13. Manchester
  14. Southampton
  15. Brighton
  16. Cambridge
  17. Nottingham
  18. Hull
  19. London
  20. Milton Keynes


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