New Digital Service ‘Don’t Wish You Had’ Allows Users to Create and Share Important Personal Messages

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A new digital service has launched which enables users to record and share messages for loved ones, providing the opportunity to impart vital advice and instructions at the time of their passing.

The very first UK digital legacy service, Don’t Wish You Had provides an easy-to-use platform for users to create a diverse range of messages and instructions for loved ones, covering everything from pet care to funeral arrangements. The service, more than a simple video or audio log, enables the user to create dozens of personalised messages for their family and friends. Designed as a digital time capsule, the service keeps the user’s memory alive using their own words.

The service was created to empower users to record heartfelt goodbyes to family members, but also provide a source for users to express their preferred level and type of care, should they not be able to articulate it themselves. An aim of the service is also to give users the opportunity to record their memories in cases of degenerative illness. The person using the service can commit their legacy to a format that will not degrade or become lost, all the time preserving a lifetime of memories. It is also a powerful tool for creating legacy messages for children and grandchildren, with users able to record unique messages for delivery on key dates such as Christmas and birthdays.

Don’t Wish You Had is also a practical service, as users can record and securely store passwords to social media sites and other online resources that relatives may need access to. The ultimate aim of the service is to create a ‘Digital Diary’, through which relatives and close friends can still hear and see their dearly departed long into the future.

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