Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions Celebrate the Success of their Workforce

Based in Norwich, Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions is a provider of the UK’s most exciting sales and marketing solutions.

Exclusively operating within face to face, pop-up marketing the firm aids brands in forming personal connections with their consumers – offering them a platform from which to interact and engage with brands and their products in person. This hands-on approach has led to Norfolk and Suffolk Promotions becoming one of the UK’s most sought after outsourced sales and marketing providers, generating a consistently high ROI and positive market reputation for clients from a wide variety of industries.

CEO Simon Reynolds has worked hard to instil his passion for professional development, making sure his company provide ongoing support for their young workforce. The business owner considers nurturing fresh young talent and mentoring his ambitious contractors to become the future leaders of the sales and marketing industry to be a core factor in the firm’s mission statement. Mr Reynolds encourages this development by creating awareness of company expectations, providing fast solutions and knowledge management.

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