On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… the perfect gift

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Santa Claus is coming to town and with just over a month to go until Christmas, new research from Sainsbury’s Bank Credit Cards reveals that partners, over any other gift giver, find the best presents for their loved ones at Christmas time.

However, over a third (35%) of gift givers find their significant other the hardest person to buy for. Men struggle more than women, with two fifths (41%) identifying their partner as the trickiest person to purchase presents for, compared to 29% of women(1).

Yet taking the time to find the perfect gift pays off, with a third (33%) of UK adults saying last year they received the best Christmas present from their partner. This is followed by a fifth (20%) receiving the best present from their child or children and one in eight (13%) from a parent. Surprisingly, one in 10 (10%) felt their worst Christmas gift last year was from a friend(1).

Rewarding your spending

Some UK adults are particularly savvy when it comes to their seasonal shopping, with one in six either having saved money or even purchased items throughout the year (16% respectively).  However, for many cash still remains king, with 40% using this for their festive spending, followed by 32% using a debit card and 23% using a credit card(1).

Sainsbury’s Bank offers a range of credit cards(2) for purchases, balances transfers or a combination of both, all of which enable shoppers to earn Nectar points wherever they shop(3).Sainsbury’s Bank credit card customers who take out a Nectar credit card get 750 bonus points on each £35-spent in store, up to ten times in the first two months meaning those using their card in store over the holidays are rewarded points worth up to a maximum of £37.50(4).

David Buxton, Head of Banking at Sainsbury’s Bank, said: “Spreading the cost of Christmas with a purchase credit card can be a sensible option especially if you opt for one that gives you a reward every time you shop. We offer two of the four cards currently on the market that offer 0% on purchases for 27 months or more as well as a reward(5). Budgeting is essential though so make sure that you can pay off the balance before incurring any interest.”

Christmas gift averages

Across the nation, UK adults who are planning on buying Christmas presents will be purchasing an average of seven this year.  While women will be checking their list almost twice as much compared to men, buying gifts for nine people on average, compared to six(1).

Consumers will be spending the most on gifts for their children, with those buying for them planning to spend £103 on average, followed by their partner (£87). Some will also be ensuring their furry friends aren’t left out of the Christmas spirit, spending on average £19 on gifts for their pets(1).

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