ReDesign Business brings design and business together at LDF

This year’s London Design Festival is set to be very different to previous years, and not simply because it will take place against a backdrop of pandemic in a period of mass social transition. At a key moment during the international design calendar, coinciding with the festival, ReDesign Business is an independent online conference that argues for a closer relationship between design and business.

A different kind of conference
Founded by Deborah Rey-Burns’ maverick global speaker-agency Propela, ReDesign Business introduces a packed daily calendar of digital events to LDF, including talks, immersive workshops, panel discussions and fireside chats – and even a nightly sleep lab session to end each day on a restorative note.

With many organisations reeling from the diverse impacts of Covid-19, and an increasingly volatile and complex commercial landscape to navigate, it’s clear that the traditional business toolkit falls short, that conventional models are not fit for purpose, and that we need to learn to adapt and innovate if we are to withstand instability and survive in a post-Covid world. ReDesign Business looks to the design industry for alternative tools and models, aiming to tap into design’s creativity, critical thinking and user-led approach in order to address societal needs and evolve to face the future. In counterpoint, the programme will serve to shift the focus from design as a means of making products, to design as a process of generating solutions for some of the most pressing issues we face today.

With topics ranging from rebuilding brands after Covid to tapping into the inherent creativity of your inner child; insightful hacks for more equitable business cultures to the need to design for happiness over profit or efficiency, the ReDesign Business programme aims to inform and inspire both business leaders and design professionals alike.

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