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However, what happens when you take the size of the population into account? Having loads of green space is great, but what if it’s so crowded that you can’t really enjoy it?

Looking again, Jury’s Inn added in the population of each area, to find out how many people you’ll be sharing your green space with. And the results were quite different!

In this new leaderboard, Birmingham drops from 1st place to 6th, with 1m2 of green space for every 273 people. Taking the top spot was Newcastle upon Tyne, with 1m2 of green space for every 83 people.

Coming in last place is the City of London, with 2,701 residents for every 1m2 of green space. However, when you take into account the number of people who work in London but don’t live there (approximately 300,000), it gets even more crowded, with 88,908 people for every 1m2 of green space. Good luck finding a nice grassy spot to sit and eat your lunch on!

You can find out more over on the Jury’s Inn website:

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