Sharpey Major: The Double Trouble

British rapper Sharpey aka Jason Pearce to his business associates is about to take the industry by storm and he has decided to do so with double trouble.

As well having his rapping game on point the star has also landed his own TV show about rap where he visits music studios across the UK and is pictured telling his story whilst also ‘chilling’ with friends and fellow collaborators.

Sharpey has already established himself as one to watch on the indie music scene as he shot into the public eye after spending £40,000 on a brand new Mercedes C-Class, sources close to the rapper have spoken of how they are worried about his ‘insane money spending antics’.

Today a rep for the rapper refused to comment on Sharpey’s upcoming projects however he has a track to drop with Lady Ice and he seems to be cooking up some heat in the studio with collaborator SN1 Pablo!

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