This January 17th marks the third Monday of the year, the day commonly known as Blue Monday thanks to the dull weather and post-holiday melancholy.

However, this year, the York and Edinburgh Dungeons characters from some of history’s dark and mysterious moments are sharing their top tips for dealing with Blue Monday.

Whether your lacking motivation or feeling down in the dumps, check out the best tips to turn that frown upside down below:

The York Dungeon’s Guy Fawkes said: “Conspiring against your government can be incredibly stressful work, especially with the threat of being hung drawn and quartered is constantly looming. So, when I’m not looking to light gunpowder, I like to light some scented candles instead.

“Sit back, relax and pick out a few favourite aromas to settle those Monday blues and give yourself the pick me up needed to plot out your next act of treachery”.

The Edinburgh Dungeon’s Judge Mental said: “All day long I have to sit and listen to the hideous and horrendous crimes committed in 17th century Edinburgh. Passing judgement on the insane and the evil is demanding work and therefore I need the perfect solution to clear my head.

“When not in the courtroom, I’ll take a stroll around the stunning streets of Edinburgh, taking in the sites and freeing my mind of negative thoughts. A walk is the perfect way to stretch my legs after being sat down all day working in the courtroom, it also helps to give your head a fresh clean slate – something the guilty don’t experience!”

The York Dungeon’s Snore Shorter Sword the Viking said: “Since 866AD, us Vikings are always travelling to Jorvik from Scandinavia, which is a long journey on a Viking longship. It can be boring sailing for days on end and therefore we need to keep spirits high throughout our Viking voyages.

“Socialising with friends is one of the best ways to keep us from feeling blue, so sharing a Scandi beer, whilst playing some hearty games maintains a positive mindset before we go on to collect more Saxon slaves.”

The Edinburgh Dungeon’s Torturer said: “My day job tends to give me a bad reputation, so I definitely look for ways to put a smile on my face. Sometimes causing pain and destruction all day does make me grow a conscience and I start to feel a little bad on my victims.

“So, to cheer myself up, being kind to others (outside of my work) and practicing selflessness is sure to make me happier. Every now and again I let someone keep a finger or two – just to show them how kind I can be!”.

Mark Mattinson, General Manager of The York Dungeons said: “Blue Monday is renowned for giving everyone that doom and gloom feeling – so we thought it’s best we asked some of our infamous historical figures to give us their top tips on how they cheer themselves up after spending 24/7 in the dark depths of the dungeons.

And that’s not all, as we’re also going to be providing free entry to four couples on the day itself. Hopefully, by carrying out these top tips and receiving a complimentary visit to the Dungeons, people will be able to feel a little happier on the 17th and not so blue after all!”

To be in with a chance of winning free entry to The York and Edinburgh Dungeons, simply visit either attraction on Blue Monday (January 17th) and four randomly chosen lucky couples will receive a reimbursement for their tickets.

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