TikTok’s TOP Wine Expert Shaping How Millennials Drink Wine

As the most popular wine expert on TikTok sharing his wine knowledge, creative pairings, affordable recommendations, and much more to over 200,000 followers, we would love to arrange an interview with you and wine expert David Choi who owns 2 Napa Valley wine companies and is actively shaping how millennials consume and talk about wine.

David’s #1 wine TikTok page is at @winewithdavid.

As the proprietor of the two Napa Valley wine companies Angel Falls Wines and Magna Carta Cellars, David first found his passion for wine as the owner of the nation’s largest and oldest wine stores, Pearson’s Wine & Spirits in Washington, DC, which has been in business since 1933. Next, he dove deeper into the wine industry as an importer and wholesaler, learning all aspects of the industry. Today, David is one of only 60 living recipients of the Order of Agricultural Merit (l’Ordre du Mérite Agricole) in the United States and was inducted into Jurade of Saint Emilion, the oldest wine society in Bordeaux, in 2012.

Millennials are changing how the wine industry is connecting with its customers. David is behind the shift In marketing to young people by communicating directly through social media to the up-and-coming generation of consumers. On David’s popular leading wine TikTok account, you can see him in fun quick clips teaching all things wine, including:

Perfect Pairings with inexpensive snack food like Hot Pockets, Doritos & More
“If You Love (food item here)” where he recommends appropriate, affordable, and accessible wine pairings, usually $20 or under
Weekly wine picks at Target, Whole Foods & Costco
Perfect wine pairings for trending TikTok recipes
Behind the scenes of David’s vineyards and much more

As a wine merchant, importer, and wholesaler enamored of high-quality French wines, David regularly travels to the source vineyards, connecting with legendary winemakers, forming friendships, and then showcases the wines in major cities across the USA. He now resides in his native California, running his two wine companies, where he believes Napa promises world-class, phenomenal grapes.

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