YO! gives iconic dishes a Home Nations makeover

To celebrate the start of this year’s biggest rugby tournament in Japan, everyone’s favourite sushi and fresh Japanese food restaurant, YO!, has created a unique series of limited-edition dishes, paying homage to the Home Nations.

Pairing culinary trademarks of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales with iconic Japanese classics, the Home Nations menu includes:

  • Fish and Chips Nigiri with Wasabi Peas – This fusion of an English classic sees a pillowy chip replace the rice from a traditional Nigiri sushi roll and topped with breaded fish. It’s then wrapped in seaweed and served with a side of Wasabi peas.


  • Haggis and Carrot California roll with Tonkatsu Sauce – Scotland’s national dish forms the heart of this distinctive take on the Japanese rice roll, which is paired with tangy Tonkatsu sauce.


  • Welsh Rarebit & Pickle Roll – Paying tribute to the iconic Welsh tea-time staple, a savoury sauce of melted cheese, mustard, paprika and Worcestershire sauce is draped over a traditional pickle sushi roll.


  • Irish Lamb Carrot and Onion California roll – The combination of succulent Irish lamb, carrots and onions makes this California roll rich and hearty – a delicious take on the classic one-pot Irish stew.

Should any of the home nation teams win, YO! will be looking to roll out the dishes across all restaurants.

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