YOGA FOR UKRAINE – Raising funds for the crisis

MoreYoga , London’s biggest studio-based yoga brand making yoga accessible and affordable for all, is running a whole weekend of yoga classes and workshops in hope of raising as much money as possible for the Ukraine Crisis.

The special editions of MoreYoga’s classes will be running throughout the weekend and in studios across London including but not limited to: Angel, Bermondsey, Brixton, Finsbury Park, Tower Bridge, Hackey, Stoke Newington and more.

Class attendees will be asked to share a suggested donation of £5-£10 when booking on to their session and will be donated through the Choose Love appeal.

To find out more about MoreYoga’s weekend of ‘Yoga for Ukraine’ head to the MoreYoga website here: For Ukraine – MoreYoga For those unable to attend an in-person class, a Yang to Yin Bhakti Yoga session will also be hosted on WellnessTV, MoreYoga’s digital platform on Tuesday 8th March.

If you are interested in hearing more about the workshops and sessions MoreYoga is hosting throughout March – please see a summary below and full overview here:
12th March: Arm balances Level 1 Workshop
19th March: Handstand Workshop
20th March: Yoga Foundations Workshop
20th March: International Day of Happiness WellnessTV workshop

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