Young Serial Entrepreneur Has Sights Set On Miss Great Britain Title

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A stunning Surrey-based serial entrepreneur is in the running for Miss Great Britain. Tiffany Bayliss will represent her county at the national finals of Miss Great Britain 2018 on the 14th of September 2018 at The Athena in Leicester.

The 23-year-old beauty launched her own vintage shop in Spain during her first year at University. Since then the recent graduate has also opened a language agency, teaching English through creative arts to children; and legal & business English to professional executives in both corporate and government sectors in Madrid, Spain.

The current Miss Surrey recently graduated with 2 Law Degrees from the esteemed I.E. Business School in Spain, one of the Top 10 Business Schools in the world, specialising in both UK and International law.

On her appointment as Miss Surrey Tiffany said:

“ I feel truly humbled as I think that this is a great platform for representation. Specifically as a young woman; one who is fiercely driven and ambitious both academically and professionally.  I am also someone who recognises how multi-faceted beauty is and who not only takes pride in how they look but also how my attitude and character are also a reflection of my beauty.” 

The level-headed businesswoman comments on the importance to use beauty pageant as a platform to shatter stereotypes:

“Professionally, I have observed that as women, we are too often made to feel that to be respected in business, we are more ‘palatable’ if we harden our femininity. It seems you can’t be pretty and glamorous if you want to be taken seriously as a professional. There is an antiquated view that you can’t be a beauty queen as well as a lawyer or professional. You are made to feel that one must always prevail at the demise of the other. So for me having been given this title, I now want to show that you can be everything; you can have a law scholarship, have your own company and be involved in a beauty pageant!”

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