Losing Your Hair More Than Usual During Lockdown

Lockdown has been incredibly stressful for most of us. Our normal everyday lives have been thoroughly disrupted and even halted in their tracks. It’s difficult to go outside safely, many people have lost their job, others have not been able to see their families for months on end. All of this can lead to elevated levels of stress. In men, this can result in hair loss, more than usual. If this sounds familiar to you, then perhaps you should pay attention to the following solutions that have been tried, and trusted to achieve results.

Feeling trapped

It’s not so much as claustrophobia that we are experiencing en masse, but rather, cabin fever. Being stuck indoors week after week is tiring. It’s very slow to build up, but the anxiety levels will begin to climb over and above what we are normally used to experiencing. For this reason and more, we recommend that you make sure to spend time outdoors. Whether it’s in your garden or going for a walk, it’s good for your mental health to relieve some tension. Taking a walk through the park or on a walking route that the council has designated, allows you to take steps through fields and meadows, calming your mind and spirit. This can help to prevent hair loss that is unwarranted and only induced by lockdown.

A little less indulgent

Now may not be the best time you want to hear this, but try being a little less indulgent. It’s the right time to stop some bad habits such as smoking and drinking. Okay the latter may be difficult to quit, but you can limit your intake to just 1-2 units a day. That’s about one glass of wine or beer a day. Smoking has been linked to hair loss in many different studies. It’s quite clear that men and women suffer hair loss to a greater degree when they are habitual smokers and drinkers. It’s time to replace these acts with something else.

The tried and tested

If you look on the NHS website they recommend a couple of drugs that have been tried and tested for male hair loss. One of them and the most trusted is Finasteride. It’s been proven to either cease or slow hair loss, either caused by male pattern baldness or environment-induced. As with most people now, lockdown has caused undue stress and this is leading to more hair loss than usual. So this kind of treatment is right up the alley especially for those that have a family history of losing hair earlier than other people might.

Shedding is seasonal?

Yes, just like other animals, human beings will shed hair as well. You may not notice it at first, but your hair is slightly thicker and more oily in the winter. The cold months mean our body temperature will need a little extra help to maintain itself. Thus, our bodies begin to grow a thicker head of hair as well as around your body. Men will find they have more hair on their chest, shoulders, back and arms during the very bitterly cold months of the year. So if you are finding that when you comb your hair appears to be more present, don’t worry. It’s usually a seasonal thing and should not last. If however, it is large clumps of hair, speak to your doctor.

Get some sleep

In lockdown it’s hard to get to sleep. You haven’t done much all day and you can feel as if you have pent-up energy that needs to be used. All the more reason then for you to go running or do some kind of rigorous physical activity. This will make you tired by the time it is to go to bed and prevent you from kicking, turning and tossing in your sleep. It’s vital that you do get a proper 6-8 hour sleep and stick to your normal sleeping patterns. It’s tempting to just keep watching Netflix as tomorrow will be virtually the same as today and yesterday. But please get some rest, if not for physical reasons then mentally virtuous reasons.

Hair loss in lockdown has skyrocketed because of the conditions we have just covered. Feeling trapped, boredom taking hold and stress slowly building and building. Take the time to speak with your doctor and try some of these solutions yourself.





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