New data reveals up to 14.1 million people in the UK don’t have access to public toilets!

A new study by online leading bathroom retailer, Victorian Plumbing, has revealed some of the best and worst public toilets across the UK for when you’re desperate to go. The study ranked the toilets based on their accessibility, how much they cost, how family-friendly they are and more. Based on this, the public toilets were ranked out of 100, allowing us to see which cities had the best public loos and which ones had the worst.

With over 14.1 million people in the UK having a disability, the data revealed that only 40% of toilets across the UK are accessible – meaning that almost half of the toilets in the UK wouldn’t be accessible to them.

Not only that but only 41% have baby changing facilities available, showing that the UK’s public toilets are far away from being available and accessible to everyone.

See the TOP 10 best public toilets below:

City  Total In City Accessible Baby Change % Free To Use Overall Score 
1 Scotland Edinburgh  103 71.8% 48.5% 99.0% 60.80
2 England Peterborough 10 40.0% 60.0% 80.0% 60.00
3 England Brighton 102 64.7% 53.9% 83.3% 58.58
4 Ireland Belfast 42 50.0% 50.0% 92.9% 57.54
5 England Norwich 20 50.0% 60.0% 75.0% 56.88
6 England Hereford 38 23.7% 63.2% 86.8% 56.58
7 England Lancaster 22 63.6% 72.7% 50.0% 56.25
8 England Coventry 39 46.2% 59.0% 69.2% 55.45
9 Ireland Derry 42 71.4% 33.3% 59.5% 54.46
10 England Winchester 36 63.9% 47.2% 69.4% 54.17

If you’re caught short in Edinburgh, don’t panic, they have the best toilets throughout the UK. With the highest score within the study of 60 out of 100, their main quality is that most of the toilets throughout the city are free to use meaning you’ll not need to spend a penny to, well, spend a penny in the Scottish capital.

Compared to the average of only 40% of public toilets in the UK being accessible, Edinburgh is well over the average with 72% of their public toilets being accessible to everyone. However, shockingly, only 48% of public toilets in the city are available to use for families as they have no changing facilities available.

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