Tribe of Doris Festival 2021 – Travel the world without leaving the UK

Immerse yourself in global cultural heritage with inspirational creative workshops for all ages and any abilities.

Are you tired of the constant limbo of trying to go abroad or book a festival ticket this year? Wondering how to keep the kids entertained and give yourself a real break? Wanting to connect with friends or family in a safe, spacious, and relaxing rural environment? The Tribe of Doris festival could be the answer.

Tribe of Doris is hosting its annual diverse festival bringing people together this August.

This year’s summer festival will be smaller than usual to ensure the safety and happiness of all attendees. The heart of the programme is filled with workshops led by world-class teachers from around the globe. You might find yourself dancing to West African rhythms, practising T’ai Chi on the lawn, or singing your heart out in a language you never thought you would speak. You will always meet people from all over the world whispering tales across the fires or walking with you across the meadows.

  • Wednesday 4th August – Sunday 8th August

  • Stanford Hall, Leicestershire, LE17 6DH

  • Adult Ticket from £240 (includes access to over 70 workshops)*

  • Discounts available for groups, families, community groups and more

  • All ages and abilities are welcome

  • 1.5 hours away from London, 1 hour from Birmingham, 2.5 hours from Bristol

  • Tickets can be purchased on the website

  • Tickets are safeguarded by our Covid Policy

Leisurely meandering through several acres of lush fields along the banks of a stream, the annual Tribe of Doris Festival has been creating spaces for people of all backgrounds and ages to share ideas, learn new skills and create joyful celebrations for 30 years by bringing together teachers, hosts, and facilitators from around the world. Tribe of Doris is a wonderfully inclusive, boutique festival focused on well-being and creativity, where you can do as much or as little as you want.

“The Tribe of Doris started with a small number of friends getting together around a fire and sharing the experience of African drumming as a group, and it just grew from there,” explains Maria, Tribe of Doris’s Creative Director. “It is a unique and really welcoming festival atmosphere, fuelled by passion and love,” she continues. “There is a magic in the air that you can’t fail to take home with you.”

Set within the stunning grounds of a stately home in Leicestershire, the internationally-inspired gathering focuses on unwinding from the stresses of everyday life and connecting with other people. The festival explores wellbeing, and creativity in many forms, including relaxation, meditation, music, art, and dance, with the emphasis on trying something new.

“With so many big festivals cancelled and international travel so up-in-the-air, this small, beautiful festival allows us to gather together and create links across the globe,” says Maria.

“We don’t have a huge stage with thousands of people packed together in a crowd”, she says. “The atmosphere is relaxed and unhurried, giving people the time and space to unwind and connect with nature and each other. Rather than big-name bands, we invite world-class artists and performers, encouraging visitors to get involved – no matter what their skills and experience.”

Lockdown has left many people feeling either isolated or overwhelmed, and has increased our need for human interaction. This festival is the perfect way to connect to our roots and ease back into socialising in a gentle way.  For three decades the Tribe of Doris has crafted a small gathering for people to immerse themselves in nature, art, and culture; naturally encouraging better mental and physical wellbeing. Bring your friends and family and let your curiosity wander free.

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